WVC210 Viewer

Free Javascript WVC210 Network Camera Viewer

About a month ago I got a Linksys WVC210 network camera to keep an eye on the cat and house when we were out. However it was impossible to view the camera at work (as the viewer software used an ActiveX control, and my work software policy disallowed installation of it) which was one of the things I most wanted to be able to do.

After searching the web a bit, I came across this page which explained how to set up a viewer which didn't require ActiveX, and had some example code. I modified and enhanced this code and put it online here in case anyone else can find a use for it.


GUI Screenshot


  • Easy configuration, just edit a few marked settings in the Javascript.
  • 100% HTML and Javascript, no PHP required. 
  • Customisable refresh interval with countdown.
  • Move to your preset positions, as well as up/down/left/right etc.
  • Links to the ActiveX, HTML5 and mobile versions.
  • Even works with IE ;-)
  • Should work with the Linksys WVC54GCA camera as well as the Linksys/Cisco WVC210 camera, but I haven't tested that.


  • Extract the files in the attached ZIP file.
  • Edit index.html with your camera's settings.
  • Copy all the files to a web-accessible directory.


The WVC210 camera viewer is free to use and provided with absolutely no warranty or support. But feel free to use the donation link above to buy me a beer ;)

I also use my Timed Downloader Windows service to take a snapshot of the camera image every few seconds, useful if you want to check what happened earlier in the day. This is also free.

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