Timed Downloader

Free .NET Timed Downloader Program for the WVC210 camera

About a month ago I got a Linksys WVC210 network camera to keep an eye on the cat and house when we were out. However I thought it would be useful if I was able to have a record of camera images from the last few days in case someone broke in, the house burned down, the cat did any interesting tricks or whatever.

I came across a website that told me my network camera had a static page which displayed a snapshot image of the camera's current view. From that it was easy enough to knock up a VB.NET Windows Service which I could run on my server to periodically download that image, for my later perusal.

I have put the program online in case anyone else finds it useful. You don't need to have a server like me, any old Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 PC should be able to run this as long as you don't mind it being left on to download snapshots. The program is quite happy being switched on and off, and expects the camera to be inaccessible too.


  • VB.NET, requires the .NET Framework 3.5
  • Runs as a Windows service.
  • Gracefully fails if the camera is offline (mine certainly isn't online all the time!)
  • Automatically deletes downloaded files after a configurable number of days.
  • Configurable polling interval.
  • Easy configuration, just edit a few settings in a .config file.
  • Should work with the Linksys WVC54GCA camera as well as the Linksys/Cisco WVC210 camera, but I haven't tested that.


  • Extract the installer in the attached ZIP file.
  • Run the installer and follow all the instructions.
  • Navigate to your installation directory and edit the TimedDownloader.exe.config file.
  • Right-click on My Computer, select Manage, navigate to Services and Applications -> Services and start the Timed Downloader service.


The Timed Downloader Windows service is free to use and provided with absolutely no warranty or support. But feel free to use the donation link above to buy me a beer ;)

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